The news that engagement goals are now available in Google Analytics is more than a week old, but the value of it is only apparent once you start applying it to your data (or your client’s data).

Being able to se 20 goals in itself is a limitation which a lot of people were struggling with, but now being able to take the time-on-site as a goal, than evaluate the traffic source, landing page, geographic location… and draw correlations truly drives understanding of a website’s traffic.

Lets say you have an average Pages/Visit of 3.5, what does that mean? In the past you would have to delve into each report to see what the average Pages/Visit were for different segments, and even then averages blur the picture. If you know that last week before xyz changes you had 5% of users meeting the 6 Pages/Visit goal, and this week after the xyz changes that number is 10%, you can easily evaluate performance, where your average may only have changed marginally.

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