An article I read this morning “How to Market Your New Web Site” on ClickZ highlighted my thoughts behind not wanting to call my Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services SEO.

The interview is with an SEO pro, but when asked what keywords they were targeting on their new site, their answer seemed un-SEO, and more content planning. It is interesting that search engine algorythm improvemnts over the years have changed the face of online marketing, to make it more honest; SEO tricks are no longer the answer (even though there are a number that exist).

So to summarise:

  • Make sure you have good/meaningful/relevant content
  • Make sure the SEO foundations are there
  • Network

Focusing on any one of the above to the exclusion of the others would harm a site’s visibility online.

My other take-away is an approach of active site content management and networking, with reactive SEO informed by performance data. Always good to hear other opinions which support our approach.

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