It seems like only the other day that Heather decided to can the idea of a dedicated website and in stead start a blog on Blogger.The data limits on Blogger drove the blog away from Blogger into the arms of Eventually the need for a website+blog resulted in the most recent move to a hosted site using the codebase, full circle, and not “I told you so”, but an interesting cycle none the less.

The popularity of the blog and interest in the designs produced have resulted in growth and enthusiastic following, and the challenge in this move was to not interrupt any of this. Existing posts & images were transferred maintaining consistent URLs, new home experience for the website, numerous about-type pages, widgets for signing up for newsletters, facebook page setup and posting from the blog etc.

It is pleasing to see that on the first day of being live the new Skinny laMinx website has had 1,286 visitors, leaving close to 100 comments, a successful to migration.

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