Well really if there was one ideal lead generation system, it would not be a question worth asking or a subject worth blogging about. There are many factors affecting lead generation success and no one set of rules makes sense in all situations. I am however going to add my 2c on the topic.

Dont pay for the traffic until you are sure your conversion is at least working. There is little your PPC marketer can do if the conversion funnel is flawed.

This is so wafty it should not be called a rule but it is the crux of lead generation: Find a ballance between lead volume and lead quality. Do you want as many signups as possible? OR High quality high value leads only?

Some other guidelines I list below, the first 2 appear contradictory:

  • Give them reason – clearly state the reason/advantage/benefits of filling out the form.
  • Quantity over quality – a form should have low/no barriers to entry.
  • Quality over quantity – gather as much information in your lead form to pre-qualify the lead.
  • Visibility – a form should be prominently displayed, or easy to get to.
  • Trust issues – users like to know that their information is secure. If you are not a big name you have to work “harder” to win their trust.

And here is a final rule for you, and it is the most important; Go through the process youself, get a colleague to test and test again.